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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SST RECORDS promo videos late 1986 to early 1988--one hour,20 minutes. Black Flag,SWA,Sonic Youth,Firehose,Meat Puppets,Bad Brains etc.

PROMO videos for the SST RECORDS label from late 1986 to early 1988. From what i gather there was supposed to be "over 35 never before released" videos on this. This is the Same copy I got back in the late 80's and there is only 23 tracks....but my copy was a second gen vhs dub, so it's possible that either the advertised line-up was wrong, or i just never got the full version. Either way, The only versions i could find online to embed were the same version i got all those years ago. This was a weird transition time for SST, and it shows in the chice of bands (most of which are still pretty good, but a few clunkers here and there).
Here's the track listing of the vid I have streaming (and if anyone knows if there is a different and/or full version out there please let me know!)

Black Flag – Drinking & Driving
Black Flag – In My Head (live)
Henry Rollins – Family Man
Henry Rollins - Melrose Rap
fIREHOSE – Brave Captain
Sonic Youth – Death Valley '69
Sonic Youth – Stereo Sanctity
Sonic Youth – Beauty Lies In The Eyes
Bad Brains – Hired Gun
Painted Willie –Upsidedowntown
Painted Willie –Little Red Book
Negativland – No Other Possibility
SWA – Arroyo
Dinosaur Jr. – Little Fury Things
Lee Ranaldo – New Groove
Blind Idiot God –Wide Open Spaces
Meat Puppets – Up On The Sun
Meat Puppets – Little Wing
Meat Puppets – Midnight Rider
Divine Horsemen- Snake Handler

tracks that appear to be missing from this video (if indeed they were ever part of it) are:
Gone (2)- Insideous Detraction
Minutemen – Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Minutemen – This Ain't No Picnic
Minutemen – King Of The Hill
Minutemen – Corona
Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby
Leaving Trains – Temporal Slut
Bl'ast – Surf & Destroy
Angst (2) – Some Things
Elliott Sharp –Pat Robertson

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