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Monday, April 11, 2011

SHE'S A PUNK ROCKER UK --documentary 2010

rather interesting ,if maybe a little heavyhanded doc on some of the early and curent women is the UK punk scene, including members of RUBELLA BALLET,CRASS,X RAY SPEX and more.

from the official synopsis:

"She's a Punk Rocker U.K." is a documentary by and about punk rock women. Punk women changed the public face of females. It was very universally empowering for women. The story of punk could almost be a women's liberation story. Documentary director and punk rocker Zillah Minx reveals the true punk rock history from the women who were there. This documentary tells the story directly from the punk women who created the punk scene in UK. These are the punk women on the streets of the UK. Before the Sex Pistols appeared on TV and revealed an underground punk world, to the public. These are the women punks who shocked the world. This is their story of being punk told in an oral history format. The film features a multitude of famous women punk rockers.

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