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Thursday, October 21, 2010

video: WIRE on Rockpalast 1979 (78 minutes)

WIRE live on German tv show Rockpalast--1979.
holy fuck this is a great performance!

Wire - On The Box 1979 - wideo
Live + interview @ Rockpalast, German TV 1979.
Mots-clés : wire punk rock

Monday, October 18, 2010

VIDEO: THE CRUCIFUCKS early 80's (29 minutes)

awesome show of the CRUCIFUCKS on the cable access show WHY BE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT in the early 80's. This is a great look at the band in their early stages, as they had not yet released their first record.

The Crucifucks at Why Be Something You're Not? - wideo
28mn appearance on TV cable access show, mid 80s.

Monday, October 11, 2010

video:PSYCHO ATTACK psychobilly comp (55 minutes)

great psycho comp featuring:
Hangmen, Waltons, Raygunns, Radium Cats, Macavity's Cat, Deltas 1. Hang Em High * Hangmen 2. Down The Line * Hangmen 3. Little Bitz * Hangmen 4. Here Comes That Train * Waltons 5. Fat Drunk & Stupid * Waltons 6. Devil In Diguise * Waltons 7. Listen Pretty Baby * Ray-Guns 8. Crazy Cat * Ray-Guns 9. Shakin' In My Shoes * Ray-Guns 10. Right Behind You Baby * Radium Cats 11. Big Blon' Baby * Radium Cats 12. Pink Hearse * Radium Cats 13. Lady Alcohol * Macavity's Cat 14. Jack Of Diamonds * Macavity's Cat 15. The Devil Went Down To Georgia * Macavity's Cat 16. Boogie Disease * Deltas 17. Long Black Train * Deltas 18. Ko Ko Mo * Deltas

video:GORILLA BISCUITS reunion show (1 hour,15 minutes)

despite what the title of the vid says ("final CBGB show" 2006), this is actually their reunion show at CBGB from 2005----as part of a series of benefit shows to raise money to keep CBGB open just a little bit longer.

video:BLACK SABBATH on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (25 mins)

1975 appearance on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert.

Watch Don Kirshner's Rock Concert - Black Sabbath.wmv in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Friday, October 8, 2010

video:BAD BRAINS live at CBGB 1982 (58 minutes)

very few bands could match the intensity of BAD BRAINS in the early 80's, and this vid is a prime example of why.

BAD BRAINS Live At CBGB's 1982 - wideo
Legendary Bad Brains at their peak playing wild at the legendary NY club.
Mots-clés : bad brains hardcore punk

video: GOVERNMENT ISSUE: live 1985 (53 minutes)

transition period for GI----still playing some killer early stuff,but going into a bit of a different direction at the same time.All in all,a pretty good show,as even at this late in the game they managed to kick ass.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

TARGET VIDEO -- Live At Target 1980

41 minutes
absolutely killer video recorded in 1980 and featuring FLIPPER,FACTRIX,NERVOUS GENDER,UNS

Factrix + Nervous Gender + Uns + Flipper
Factrix + Nervous Gender + Uns + Flipper - wideo
Live at target 1980 - Factrix + Nervous Gender + Uns + Flipper.

FLIPPER -- live in the studio 1983

55 minutes
this performance by FLIPPER on public access cable from 1983 has gained legendary and cult status among FLIPPER fans, and for good reason:they are truly in top form in this one. It has never been commercially available, but you can find excerpts from it on youtube and various other places.Here is the full uncut, unedited version in all it's glory!

FLIPPER - Live in the Studio 1983 - wideo
The show alternates between Flipper playing live in a TV studio, and then being interviewed on the 26th of January 1983.

1. Way of the World

2. In Life My Friends

3. Sacrifice

4. Interview #1

5. (I Saw You) Shine

6. Get Away

7. Interview #2

7. In Your Arms

8. Sex Bomb
Mots-clés : flipper hardcore punk

TARGET VIDEO --- Hardcore volume one (early 80's)

62 minutes
compilation vid by the legendary TARGET VIDEO from the early 80's and featuring performances by Flipper, Black Flag, Code Of Honor, MDC, Lewd, Sick Pleasure, DOA, Toxic Reasons, and Sex Pistols. REQUIRED VIEWING,kiddies!

Target Video Hardcore Volume 1 - wideo
Features these bands, early 80's footage: Flipper, Black Flag, Code Of Honor, MDC, Lewd, Sick Pleasure, DOA, Toxic Reasons, Sex Pistols.

DISSONANCE --- live 1983 @ Wild Bill's

38 minutes
one of the finest hardcore bands of the time, DISSONANCE with a smoking hot set from 1983.

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