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Monday, September 13, 2010

SLADE -- live on Rockpalast 1977

44 minutes

SLADE were one of the first bands in the original skinhead movement of the the 60's( they formed in 1966 as the N'BETWEENS and adopted the name SLADE in 1969 when they settled into the burgeoning skinhead movement). They would later drop their affiliation with the movement (at least publicly), but in this vid from 1977 it's clear they still align themselves with the skinheads, at least David Hill does, anyway.Absolutely brilliant set from these guys!


  1. this is very interesting. good thing the Runaways covered a Slade song, or I would never have heard of them!

    and the Runaways were a lot better looking!

  2. I loved all heavy metal bands and most hard rock from 75 thru 85 before the likes of jovi watered it down. I loved most from ac dc to zz top but truthfuly these four guys were special. Live they were electric and a totally different experience from what they sold in the pop chart. In concert they were brash, fun, very very loud, and of the whole bunch They blew the rest away. Those who missed them thought they were pithy but it was three minute hooks coming across like Manowar. Demaio saw them in the states and followed their bassists flight of the bumblebee bass solo (green hornet). They are sorely underrated due to a wardrobe no worse than anything Bowie ,Elton , Roxy, or Mercury but being straight they like sweet appeared to be taking the piss and lost favour with a lot of important writers in the uk press. Over 50 million records sold during their reign outselling evrryone but forgotten by a generation who sold out to punk.


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