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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UK SUBS -- live at the Beat Club 1982 -- 42 minutes

The legenday UK SUBS need no introduction and if you need to ask who they are then you have probably stumbled onto this site by accident, or truly have no clue as to the history of punk rock at all.Here they are in Bremmen, Germany at the Beat Club in a blistering 1982 television performance.
UK Subs - Live at the Beat Club 1982 - wideo
Complete 41mn concert from 1982 at Radio Bremen, Germany.

The Subs are on top form, as you'd expect from the line-up of Charlie Harper, Nicky Garratt, Alvin Gibbs and Kim Wylie.

They play 16 songs including lots of old faves like, CID, I Live in a Car, Tomorrow's Girls, Warhead, Stranglehold, Emotional Blackmail, Crash Course, Left for Dead, and also, back then, newer songs like Police State, Endangered Species, New Barbarians etc..

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that!!
    I`ve beeen in the crowd in front of the stage,
    about 50 lokal punks came in with faked tickets
    and we really had fun.
    All in all some of us are still allive, but some of them have paid for punk-lifestyle...


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