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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Custom art for your band,flyers,cd's,books etc by SCRUBLIGHTNING

The super talented Sarah Hensley aka SCRUBLIGHTNING has available custom art for whatever your project needs, whether it's for your cd or vinyl release,gig flyers,book cover,for personal use to hang on your wall, or whatever.Her site can be located here: SCRUBLIGHTNING CUSTOM ART (as well as in the links on the sidebar to the right on this page).

A Few more examples of her work:

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  1. I keeps the art stuffs affordable, too! I do custom pinup art, if there's a lady you'd like to have immortalized as a foxy pinup... makes for a great gift idea! `if anyone would like something custom-made (anything at all... I'll paint charles bronson wrestling with a tyranosaurus rex if you want me to) email me at! we'll be posting my art for the band seven40seven, soon, too. they've got a new album coming out in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that. thanks to everyone who's checked out my goodies so far!


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