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Friday, October 1, 2010

FLIPPER -- live in the studio 1983

55 minutes
this performance by FLIPPER on public access cable from 1983 has gained legendary and cult status among FLIPPER fans, and for good reason:they are truly in top form in this one. It has never been commercially available, but you can find excerpts from it on youtube and various other places.Here is the full uncut, unedited version in all it's glory!

FLIPPER - Live in the Studio 1983 - wideo
The show alternates between Flipper playing live in a TV studio, and then being interviewed on the 26th of January 1983.

1. Way of the World

2. In Life My Friends

3. Sacrifice

4. Interview #1

5. (I Saw You) Shine

6. Get Away

7. Interview #2

7. In Your Arms

8. Sex Bomb
Mots-cl├ęs : flipper hardcore punk

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