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Friday, June 24, 2011

LOS CRUDOS --- live 1995, Cleveland Hardcore Fest, 23 minutes

The Cleveland Hardcore Fest took place over three days in 1995, and from the moment I arrived I knew I was in for a horrible time.What the organizers considered "hardcore" were bands like HOT WATER MUSIC,JIHAD,and (you gotta be kidding me)FIFTEEN!

However, the weekend was not a complete waste when LOS CRUDOS, one of the the only true hardcore bands on the schedule finally played their set.CRUDOS were at their peak at this time, smack dab in the very middle of their time together (beginning in '91 and breaking up in '98). While i was not a fan of their straight edge lifestyle, their stance on certain other aspects and politics more than made up for the SxEx lyrics that were really only a small part of their repertoire.The band expresses their disgust over the "rock star" mentality of the festival and of the people in attendance in particular,and pulls no punches in their set.This was most definitely the only high point of the Fest, and i had completely forgotten all about this show until i stumbled on this vid earlier today (it HAS been 16 years, after all!).

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