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Thursday, December 16, 2010

SUBHUMANS (UK) live,chicago 2003

26 tunes by the one the most important bands of all time!

Subhumans - Live in Chicago 2003 - wideo
Filmed Live in Chicago, Milwaukee 26-28 April 2003.

One of the best British punk bands of the 80s, the Subhumans crafted fast and angry rock songs driven by raging guitar and highly political lyrics about the world's injustices.


1. All Gone Dead

2. Can't Hear The Words

3. New Age

4. Waste Of Breath

5. Big City

6. Businessmen

7. Peroxide

8. Germ

9. This Years War

10. Walls Of Silence

11. Joe Public

12. Til The Pigs Come Round

13. It's Gonna Get Worse

14. Rats

15. Work Experience

16. Evolution

17. Work-Rest-Play-Die

18. Apathy

19. Society

20. Parasites

21. Subvert City

22. Human Error

23. Minority

24. Mickey Mouse Is Dead

25. No

26. Religious Wars
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