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Saturday, July 30, 2011

BIG BOYS -- Houston, Texas 1982 (50 minutes)

Legendary Austin,Texas band BIG BOYS! One of the first skatepunk bands (making them all that more exceptional, since they were from Texas and not the typical California skate scene!) and also one of the first hardcore bands with openly gay members, BIG BOYS were on the forefront of the new hardcore movement and indeed guitarist Tim Kerr would go on to be a major force in the punk scene, and release essential records by many bands on his record label.
Here's the BIG BOYS in Houston 1982.
Big Boys - Live in Houston, TX 1982 - wideo
Big Boys Live @ Fitzgerald's, Houston, TX, 1982-12-28.


01. Nervous

02. Identity Crisis

03. Prison

04. T.V.

05. Brick Wall

06. Same Old Blues

07. Funk Off

08. Security

09. We Got Your Money

10. Manipulation

11. Lesson

12. Fight Back

13. Baby Let's Play God

14. Apolitical


16. Red / Green

17. Jump The Fence

18. Gator Fuckin

19. Wise Up

20. We're Not In It To Lose

21. Shut Up

22. Hollywood Swinging
Mots-cl├ęs : big boys hardcore punk

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